1. Building: The college has its own private furnished spacious building. The noise that is far from the atmosphere, is most appropriate for reading. There are adequate number of lecture rooms, examination labs, libraries, and other administrative rooms fixed and UGC Measurement is there. The girl students have separate student rooms.
  2. Library: Books for scholars of the subjects approved in the college are available for the knowledge of the students of the authors. Newspapers and general magazines are available.
  3. Applications: Laboratories of Chemistry, Physics, Social Sciences, Computer Science, Geography, UGC Are equipped with good and innovative instruments of fixed measurement.
  4. Sports Area: Nearly 2.5 acres of sports ground and land of gardening is near the college. There are arrangements for cricket, footwear, hockey, Balival, and other play.
  5. Shorthand: The College Management Committee has made adequate arrangements to provide residential facilities for poor and meritorious students / students.
  6. Cycle Stand: It is mandatory to enroll the students carrying bicycles. For which a monthly fee of five rupees will be payable.
  7. Eligibility: Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, Disabled and Ex-Servicemen dependent and other scholarships approved by the Social Welfare Department and others are accepted on the basis of income. Students / students submit their application in full time to the office.
  8. Identity card: Each student / student will be provided an introductory letter by the college, which will be received from the office as soon as possible. It is compulsory to keep the introduction letter together. Lost and can be recovered by depositing the prescribed fee and photograph. Are.
  9. Nomination: While entering the first school in the college, the prescribed form will be filled up and filled in the office so that the student / student enrollment can be made from the university. Those who are compulsory to join the university’s examination
  10. Tariff: The fee prescribed by the University will be taken once a year. The receipt of which will be made available to the students / students.
  11. Meritorious students / students are also available in the organization scholarships and fees by management sessions.
  12. Separate facility of staff selection commission, air force, navy, and general recruitment and computer training etc. are available.